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Anyone who suffers from chronic pain or is in rehab at the moment and a smoker...just for general knowledge: smokers suffer from pain sensations much more than non smokers. There are many researches on the matter with thousands of participants and the issue has been confirmed many times. The neural activity, blood flow, tissue regeneration abilities and the entire body functions slower and in a more problematic way among smokers. I am not talking here about obvious long term complications such as respiratory, cardiac and vascular problems.

The biggest and most effective motive a patient can have is the avoidance of pain. People can tell you all day that smoking is bad for you, cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc. (and they're right) but this doesn't change a smoker's perspective much. However, if you are suffering NOW, at the moment from pain and smoke simultaneously, just know that quitting smoking can influence your pain sensation dramatically and in a short term.