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Knee pain

A common phenomenon amongst patients of all ages. In the lack of a distinctive trauma to the knee such as an ACL or meniscus tear or a trauma to other structures of the knee, most incidents of knee pain occur in the anterior (frontal) part of the knee. The tissues involved are usually the patelo-femoral joint (the joint between the patella and the low part of the hip bone) and its adjacent tissues. According to researches this is the most sensitive area in the knee.

The evaluation process requires attention to the structure of the foot, ranges of motion of hip, pelvis and low back, Strength of core muscles and length of lower limb muscles. An imbalance between these factors can lead to an overload on the anterior structures of the knee, thus leading to pain and inflammation. Every patient is assessed differently according to the nature of his occupation or sport.

In the elderly population, most knee pains are originated in erosion of the cartilage of the knee and the degenerative processes that follow, also known as Osteoarthritis. These are irreversible processes but can be influenced and their symptoms can be moderated and improved with regards to pain, function and physical activity level. All according to the factors mentioned.

The treatment comprises of manual treatment and mobilization of the knee and the patella, stretches, strengthening of muscles influencing the condition, stability exercises athletic and kinesio-taping for support and pain control, all in accordance with the relevant findings in the physical examination.