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Tennis / golfer's elbow

In spite of their name, most patients who suffer from Tennis or golfer's elbow, aren't tennis or golf players. The original definition of this condition is a degeneration of the collagen fibers of the extensor tendons of the wrist (tennis elbow) or the flexor tendons of the wrist (golfer's elbow) at their insertion to the elbow. It is not an inflammation even though that was the common idea in the past.

Even though the referral itself says “Tennis/ golfer's elbow”, it is rare that there is in fact a degenerative process in the tendons. In most cases, an ultrasound or MRI imaging will not show any pathology.

Pain in this region and of that nature, in most cases is triggered by a neurogenic origin from the neck or upper arm. The origin is usually referred to a nerve tension or compression around the neck which is directly influenced by the position and posture of the neck, upper back, weakness of muscles around the scapulas (shoulder blades), tension in connective tissue of the upper limb an many more.

Unfortunately, most patient undergo an injection of anti inflammatory corticosteroids at the physician in a futile attempt to stop an inflammatory process. Researches have shown that these injection might relieve the symptoms for a short while but will deteriorate the condition in the long term, aggravate the symptoms and further limit the function.

The treatment focuses on a complete evaluation of the upper limb, the connection to the neck and upper back, postural affects, manual therapy to the upper back, neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist if needs be, connective tissue massages, taping, postural corrections and core strengthening.