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Shoulder pain

The most common form of shoulder pain amongst the training and sportive population but also in the elderly is pain in the anterior (frontal) area of the shoulder and arm. The pain usually appears at arm lifting at certain degrees and during gym training such as bench presses and shoulder exercises even though it can progress to appear to activities of daily life and during rest. Many gym trainers neglect this phenomenon and attribute it to a sensation that most trainers should experience. This is a big mistake. This pain has been attributed over the years to many reason- tendon inflammation or calcification, impingement, friction of the tendon against a hooked bone and more.

Sometimes some or many of these factors are true but recently researches tend to explain this pain as a complexed injury that is caused by a combination of a limited range of motion of the upper back, imbalance between scapular muscles and the rotator cuff muscles and their weakness.

Negligence of this pain and continuing to train “through the pain” can deteriorate to a stage of chronic inflammations, calcifications and even tears of the rotator cuff tendon. Sometimes to a level that requires surgery.

The evaluation and treatment focus mostly on finding the dysfunctions in the movement of the shoulder girdle, the strength and balance of muscle control and coordination. Mobilizations and manual therapy of the upper back, shoulder joint and other joints in the shoulder girdle and adjusting the training program of the patient.