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To anyone who chew gum: please stop !!! chewing gum can cause a long an excessive strain on the Maseter and Temporalis muscles that are the main mastication muscles. these muscles tend to develop trigger points that ultimately limit the ability of these muscles to stretch and therefore limit the the movement of opening the mouth. a condition requiring treatment is one when when we cannot open our mouth and place 3 fingers in a vertical row between our teeth.

in later stages this limitation will cause "clicking" sounds that indicate a problem in the jaw joint's articular disc (TMJ).

Around 5%-12% of the population develop problems in this area, about 66% will seek medical help and 15% will develop chronic problems.

Also, when sitting in front of a computer, sit straight and don't lean your chin against your hand. problems in the TMJ is very much associated clinically with tension and limitations in the neck, torso and spine.