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Shoes in general are a degenerating and fixating brace. Researches have shown even back in the 1980's that 50% of the power that propels the body forward and activated during a run, comes from elastic components and muscular structures in the foot. an aspect that's disabled by a running shoe. Kids that grew up without shoes tended to develop less pronated feet (flat feet). People who walk barefoot have a better stability and equilibrium and some researches actually showed that there is no difference between an expensive shoe and 1.99$ shoe in terms of the risk of injuries.

Our feet went through a degeneration process for years. just as much as if we'll place another joint in our body in a cast, the muscles and tissues around it will atrophy and will have less endurance.

Try walking at home barefoot. do it gradually though. when taking off a brace it takes a while for the tissues to adapt to the new load. For the runners, go and learn barefoot or forefoot running. its also a technique that takes 6-7 weeks to adapt to.