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To all football and rugby players: shoe and footwear companies tell us lately that the new bladed cleats provide a better grip on the ground than round studded cleats during dynamic movement changes on the pitch and therefor a better control during the game. After checking several professional articles on the matter I have to say...they're right. The problem lies where the grip is too good, it might endanger the player for lower limb injuries.

The researches have checked the applied forces on the ankle and knee while comparing between round studded cleats and bladed ones. The lateral applied forces on the ankle (that cause the common lateral sprained ankle) were greater in the bladed cleats while round cleats simulated a more normal situation in the ankle during a sudden change in movement. In addition the forward and vertical forces on the knee were greater with bladed cleats.

Its hard to determine conclusively if the bladed cleats are actually more "dangerous". more researches have to be made in order to check also the type of ground variable (synthetic or natural grass). I found just one article on the matter. None the less, I do believe that from reading the raw data available already, It can be derived partially that my recommendation tends to be more for rounded old scholl cleats.

Even if Christiano Ronaldo, Pato and Ibrahimovich tell me otherwise in commercials....